Video: Rev. Jesse Jackson Attacks Adidas 'Shackle' Shoes

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This morning, Adidas announced that it will cancel the sale of its new JS Roundhose Mids basketball sneakers with rubber shackles attached to them, which have been denounced by black leaders for slavery connotations, as reported by Opposing Views.

On CNN, this morning, Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke against the shoes (video below): “I am stunned at the insensitivity. It was a gross insult. We were prepared to engage in a boycott in 50 markets. We contacted Adidas yesterday and contacted [National Basketball Association Commissioner] David Stern, who, in turn, within a few minutes called Adidas and had it cancelled. They cancelled it because they got a call from David Stern and the threat of a real boycott."

Rev. Jackson added: I mean, the slave cycle, it’s a 246-year experience, connected to Jim Crow. We are fighting these battles now to make us better. It’s offensive. It may not be offensive to the blogger, but it’s surely insensitive to a whole bunch of people.”

CNN host Carol Costello challenged Rev. Jackson: “Why just not bother with things like tennis shoes and talk about something really important?”

Rev Jackson replied: “I don’t think that you can ask women to move past issues of women’s rights given the gross violations of women. Or ask people who are gay or Native American or Jewish. We must, in this multicultural environment, be sensitive and caring. This insulting, insensitive, provocative, and wrong.”


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