Video: Rapper Calicoe Brags About his Dog Fighting Operation

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Calicoe, a rapper in Detroit, recently gave a tour of his home, which appears to be a dog-fighting operation.

Calicoe is apparently funding his rapping career by raising pit bulls, which he calls "fighting dogs." During the tour, he said: "Anyone want a fighting dog?"

The video interview (below) with Calicoe has gone viral on the web, after being posted on the social sharing site

Not surprisingly, Calicoe is catching heat. wrote: "The worst 'Cribs' episode ever. There is also a strong suggestion that roosters kept on the premises are also being used for the purposes of staging cock fights. One of them is introduced as 'Grand Champion.'"

However, Calicoe denied the claims on Twitter: "If u find a video of me "FIGHTING DOGS" PLEEEEZE LET ME KNO."

In Michigan, dog fighting can result in up to five years in prison and various fines.


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