Video Proves Milwaukee Police Officer Saw Illegal Strip Search, She Denied Watching


Milwaukee Police Officer Stephanie Seitz told authorities during an internal investigation that she didn't witness any wrongful strip searches conducted by other officers.

However, a surveillance video (below) that was part of the investigation recently surfaced showing Officer Seitz watching then-Officer Michael Vagnini strip searching a suspect improperly, noted the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Prosecutors stated that Officer Seitz was "clearly untruthful" in her testimony, according to internal affairs records of the Milwaukee Police Department.

In all, six Milwaukee police officers were found to have violated the law or department policies when it came to strips searches, however, none of them were charged with any crimes or disciplined.

The surveillance video, police records and testimony were recently made public because of a federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of Milwaukee and its police department.

Prosecutors and the Milwaukee Police Department concluded there wasn't enough evidence to convict any of the officers, even though the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes numerous contradictions in video, police reports, sworn testimony and reports made by internal affairs.

More than 50 people have sued the Milwaukee Police Department, claiming that their rights were violated because of illegal strip searches. According to Fox 6 Now, Leo Hardy was recently awarded $506,000 because a jury found his rights were violated when during a traffic stop in 2012.

Hardy's lawyers claimed that Milwaukee police officers ordered Hardy out of his car and one of the cops put a hand down Hardy’s pants during a search.

Hardy believed his life was endangered and he ran. When he was caught, Milwaukee police officers did a public strip search in front of his neighbors.

Sources: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Fox 6 Now


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