Video: Prostitute Dania Londono Suarez Says Secret Service Agents Were "Stupid Brutes"

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Appearing on the 'Today' show on Monday, Dania Londono Suarez, the Colombian prostitute at the center of a scandal with U.S. Secret Service agents, said that President Barack Obama’s advance team were "completely stupid, idiotic people" (video below).

Suarez said: “I don’t know how Obama had them in his security force.”

Suarez said she told the Secret Service agent that she was having sex for money: “These are very basic words: sex, sexo, cash, money, dinero. I made a sign with my fingers so he couldn’t pretend that I was charging $80 or 80 cents.”

After returning to his room and having “normal sex,” she said the agent fell asleep and she could have stolen sensitive documents.

The next morning the agent became “very angry” because she refused to stay and asked for her money. He gave her $50 and told her to leave. When police got involved, other agents came up with about $250 and she left.


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