Video: Prosecutor Says George Zimmerman Abused Ex-Girlfriend, He Gets $150K Bail

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During a bond hearing this morning in the murder case involving George Zimmerman, members of the Zimmerman family testified that he should be released on bail. George Zimmerman's father said his son always “turns the other cheek.”

However, prosecutors revealed an affidavit of Zimmerman’s ex-girlfriend Veronica Zuazo testifying that he attacked her in 2005 (video below).

She alleged in the sworn statement that he “pushed her,” then slapped her with an open hand to the mouth and “asked her how it felt.” She said he “picked me up and threw me on the bed” and then “grabbed me again.”

Zimmerman’s wife said that her husband was simply trying to “protect himself from being attacked by her.”

The judge ordered that Zimmerman’s bond be set at $150,000 and that Zimmerman be required to wear a GPS ankle bracelet.


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