Video: Police Taser Zikomo Peurifoy, Three Times, for Jaywalking

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In Casselberry, Florida, police tasered and handcuffed Zikomo Peurifoy after he refused to show them I.D. when they stopped him for jaywalking, according to the Daily Mail.

Peurifoy and Noelle Price were crossing a street when they were stopped by police. Peurifoy and Price repeatedly asked the officers to get their supervisor. The officers attempted to handcuff Peurifoy, but he refused, saying the request for his I.D. was not a “lawful order,”

He said repeatedly, “I am not resisting arrest.”

Price, who was also taken into custody, but later released, filmed the encounter with her phone (video below). She told the officers: “You are being recorded.”

Officers tasered Peurifoy three ties before handcuffing him and taking him into custody. Peurifoy yelled: “This is assault! This is assault!”

Police found a gun on Peurifoy, which he was licensed to carry. Price was illegally carrying a handgun, as well as brass knuckles, pepper spray and a knife, but was not charged.

Casselberry Police Captain David Del Rosso said he may use the controversial video as training, adding: “The officers were polite the whole time through and gave good verbal commands. You hear the officer saying why he stopped him.”


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