Video: Cop Tickets Little League Team When it Celebrates in Pickup Trucks

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In Martinsville, Indiana, Police Officer John Richards wrote out several tickets to coaches and players of the Artesian Little League team, recently, because the children rode in the back of pickup trucks to get ice cream, reports WRTV News.

To hit back, parents of the team recorded Officer Richards issuing 12 tickets for every child and adult riding without seatbelts (videos below).

Officer Richards said on the video: "Even in the back of the pickup truck they are required to be in seat belts, no matter the type of vehicle it is, so there's your citations.”

One parents asked on the video: “How do you feel today? These kids just went an extra inning to win a ball game?”

Officer Richards answered: “I feel that I'm doing my job and possibly saving lives is how I feel."

Coach Troy Gill said of the tickets: “It's kind of tough to swallow, it really is. I feel that I'm the scapegoat here because it's gone on for years and years.”

Some parents said they would pay the fines, unless officals dismiss the tickets.


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