A graphic video (below) of Police Officer John Moody fatally shooting Ernesto Duenez Jr. eleven times outside his home in Manteca, California, was released one day after Officer Moody was cleared of wrongdoing.

The video, which was recorded by a dash cam in Officer Moody's police car on June 8, 2011, shows the police officer driving up and waiting for Duenez, who was wanted for domestic violence, to get out of a truck, reports the Daily Mail.

Duenez, a passenger in a truck, opened a door as Officer Moody ran towards the truck yelling "Drop the knife now! Hands up! Hands up, Ernie! Don't you move, Ernie, don't you move or I'll shoot you!"

Police claim that Officer Moody saw a knife in Duenez's right hand and feared for his life.

However, Duenez's family's attorney John Burris, says Duenez was unarmed, reports the Manteca Bulletin.

Officer Moody fired 13 bullets in 4.2 seconds, hitting Duenez 11 times.

After the shooting, Duenez's wife Whitney Duenez ran over and screamed at the police officer, who told her to stay back.

The San Joaquin County district attorney's office ruled yesterday that Officer Moody was legally justified in shooting Duenez, so Burris released the video today.

He filed a wrongful-death federal lawsuit for $25 million against the Manteca Police Department and Officer Moody in July.

Police later found an eight-inch throwing knife with a four-inch blade in the bed of the truck, reports the San Fransisco Chronicle. It's not clear if Duenez had a knife in his hand in the video.

Burris said that Duenez had not been armed and was trying to surrender. He added that even if there was a knife "he made no aggressive movements toward the officer."

The graphic video has been posted on a Facebook group, 'Justice for Ernest Duenez,' with the caption: "We once again ask for your help in seeking justice! We need a public outcry!"


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