Video: Police Officer Appears to be Planting Evidence


Utica, New York Police Officer Paul Paladino is being accused of planting evidence inside the vehicle of an African American couple. Ironically, he was recorded by the dash cam in his own police cruiser (video below).

The Utica Phoenix recently obtained dash cam video of a February 11, 2011 traffic stop, where officers Paladino and Padulla searched the African-American couple.

At about one minute into the video, Officer Paladino is seen taking a plastic bag out of his back pocket and seems to place it inside the vehicle. Several moments later, he emerges from the vehicle with a larger plastic bag, presumably evidence.

Utica Police Chief Mark Williams said in a statement: “We have an on-going internal affairs investigation regarding this matter, therefore I am not able to speak about it. I’ve already met with Venice Ervin of the NAACP on this complaint. When this matter has been thoroughly investigated, I plan on meeting with Mr. Ervin first to discuss the results of the investigation.”


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