Video: Police Officer Abraham Joseph Accused of Handcuffing Waitress, Driving to Park, Raping Her

Former Houston, Texas police officer Abraham Joseph is accused of handcuffing a waitress and sexually assaulting her in a park, while on duty, reports the Daily Mail.

During Joseph's trial, which started this week, prosecutor Heyward Carter said: "'He had a badge, he had a gun, he had a marked patrol car and evil in his heart."

Carter described how Joseph allegedly handcuffed anb unidentified immigrant waitress outside a cantina and drove her to a park in Houston, Texas, where he raped her multiple times on January 2, 2011, reports the Houston Chronicle.

The victim's aunt, Ana Riviz, said the waitress came home crying and had bruises on her body. They drove back to the park, where they found tire tracks and bodily fluids, but were worried about pressing charges.

Ramirez said: "She didn't have any legal documentation. The fear was that they'd come and say, 'look, you're lying,' then arrest her and deport her."

Hours after the attack, the women finally called 911 and reported the crime.

However, Joseph insists he isn't guilty and his attorneys claimed that the waitress consented to sex. Joseph's attorney claimed that the victim has a "great deal to gain" as she has filed a lawsuit against Joseph.


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