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Video: Police Beat Pregnant Woman Destiny Rios

In San Antonio, Texas, police officers are being accused of using excessive force on a pregnant woman, Destiny Rios (video below).

The accusations are flying after a bystander, Lorenzo Rios [no relation to Destiny Rios], recorded a video (below) from across the street of three police officers holding Destiny Rios down as one cop appears to hit her several times.

Lorenzo Rios told Fox News San Antonio: "All I heard was her yelling to get off me, I heard her yell I'm pregnant. She was already cuffed and they started to beat her, which I don't think was right. It was pretty messed up. She was already down and pretty small compared to the other officers. She did look pregnant, she looked about two months pregnant."

"She didn't need to be beaten like that like, she was small, she was already cuffed, she wasn't resisting but for them to come and jump on her and punch her not once, but 9 times that was pretty messed up."

Destiny Rios was arrested for allegedly committing prostitution and resisting arrest on July 4.

When a police officer saw Destiny Rios walking on a San Antonio street, he stopped her and found she had a warrant for prostitution.

However, when the police officer tried to arrest her, she reportedly resisted.

In response, Chief William McManus, of the San Antonio police, said: "Size makes no difference, it's the amount of fight in the person."

Chief McManus refused to look at the video of the arrest and/or assault: "What's on the video is in my understanding is what the officer reported. Whether it was four or five or whether it was 8, it's really irrelevant if the officer felt he needed to strike her 8 times in order to get her to comply and put handcuffs on, then that's how many times he struck her."

Currently, all of the police officers are still on the job. Rios suffered minor injuries and is in the Bexar County Jail. Some reports, unconfirmed, say she lost the baby.


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