Video: Pharmacist Dr. John Agyemang Pulls Handgun on Robber

Dr. John Agyemang, a pharmacist at Jolin’s Pharmacy in Winslow Township, New Jersey, turned the tables on a robber on Wednesday, reports CBS Philadelphia (video below).

At 2 p.m. a man armed with a gun allegedly entered the pharmacy and demanded Oxycontin.

Dr. Agyemang distracted the man by telling him there was someone entering the store. When the armed man turned around, the pharmacist ran to the back of the store and got his handgun.

Moments later, Dr. Agyemang was chasing the suspect, who fled the store. Dr. Agyemang fired five shots at the man. It’s unclear whether or not the suspect was hit, but he did get away on a mountain bike.

However, Dr. Agyemang is now questioning if he did the right thing. He told CBS Philadelphia: “You don’t know who’s out there, it could be a child. You don’t know who is out there so that’s my main concern."


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