Video: PETA Fights Back Against Critics

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By Michelle Sherrow

front group for the meat, puppy mill, tobacco, and alcohol industries as well as other industries that use and abuse animals is desperately trying to thwart animal protection efforts by publicly attacking PETA. The group got its comeuppance on Jane Velez-Mitchell's show Monday night, when the HLN host invited PETA Senior Vice President of Communications Lisa Lange to talk about the deceptive group's underhanded attacks. Here is some of the interview:

If the meatdairypuppy mill, and entertainment industries and their shills were genuinely concerned about the plight of homeless dogs and cats, they would actually do something about it, as PETA is, by conducting massive spay-and-neuter initiatives and encouraging people to adopt animals from animal shelters instead of buying them from businesses that churn out new puppies and kittens to add to the mix.


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