Video: Peralta, New Mexico Mayor Bryan Olguin Supports Selling Fireworks Despite Wildfire Dangers

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In New Mexico, fire is often an extreme danger due to destructive wildfires.

However, Peralta, New Mexico, Mayor Bryan Olguin continues to support the sales of fireworks, In fact, his wife operates a fireworks store in nearby Valencia County (video below).

Ironically, Valencia County and other towns nearby have outlawed aerial fireworks, but there is no ban in Peralta.

Mayor Bryan Olguin told KOB Eyewitness News 4: "I pray to God all the time that there's no fires. I'm praying for rain, so of course I'm concerned."

"I'm selling them because when somebody's starting a fire from fireworks it's usually from irresponsibility. I can't take responsibility for [stupidity]."

There was talk about a fireworks ban during a recent town meeting, which Mayor Olguin opposes: "We are not in a severe drought condition. We're in a moderate drought condition. So why would the council pass a resolution saying we're in a severe drought condition when we're not?"


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