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Video: People are Awesome 2013

A little more than two years ago the first “People are Awesome” collection was posted to Youtube. Publishing under the name Hadoukentheband, the creator submitted a series of clips featuring gusty and mildly insane people doing all sorts of incredible things.

The end result proved to be a massive success. Since Oct. 2010 "People are Awesome" has racked up 54.9 million views, and that total figures to grow by a massive amount over the next few days when people discover the sequel is out and want to see what the original looked like.

“People are Awesome 2013” is built on essentially the same premise as the first set of videos. A collection of clips where people do, well, awesome things.

One interesting side note about this year’s version, though (by way of Gawker): at least two of the sequences featured in this year’s version are CGI-enhanced and cut from commercials. Apparently the creator of this little internet phenomenon thought they were awesome, too. Well that and he says he wanted to piss some people off.

With all that being said and no further delay, here is “People are Awesome 2013”:



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