Video: Parents Object to Students Reading 'Robopocalypse' Because of Profanity

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A summer reading assignment at Hardin Valley Academy in Knoxville, Tennessee has stirred up controversy (video below).

WBIR-TV reports that about 450 summer school students in the STEM Academy at Hardin Valley Academy were assigned the science-fiction book 'Robopocalypse.'

'Robopocalypse' was written by Daniel H. Wilson and has foul language that some parents object to.

For example, one sentence reads: "I swear to God and all his cronies, darling I'll f*cking kill you." 

According to WBIR-TV. there are other instances of bad language in the New York Times bestseller, which was published last year.

In an email to parents, STEM Academy Dean Debbie Sayers wrote: "We discussed adult-level language, and decided that most (not all) students of this age group are exposed to profanity through much more graphic means than the written text...we knew there might be some objection to his, and we were willing to defer to parental concerns and discretion."

Parents may be even more infuriated in the future. Steven Spielberg is planning to do a film version of the book starring Chris Hemsworth of Marvel's 'The Avengers' and 'Thor.'


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