Video: Paramilitary Forces In Crimea Hold Journalist At Gunpoint, Confiscate Camera


Journalists are facing increasingly dangerous conditions in Crimea.

Surveillance footage out of Crimea shows paramilitary forces holding a journalist at gunpoint and confiscating a phone he was using to take pictures of them with.

The journalist was interviewed by following the incident. He said the paramilitary men had just finished stealing a bundle of equipment from a news crew when they took his phone.

“We were sitting inside the restaurant when we saw masked gunmen enter this building, and they started carrying out equipment which was obviously TV studio equipment,” the journalist said. “So I shot a couple of pictures with my phone. While they were taking [the equipment] out, one of the masked gunmen came to me, threw me on the ground, put a gun to my head and took my phone away.”

The journalist said the gunmen also stole his friend’s camera.

"Here now, the military situation there is no law,” the attacked journalist said. “People who do this, clearly are not subject to any laws."

Here is footage of the hold up:

And here is the subsequent interview with the journalist:

According to, German journalists in Crimea were attacked in the same manner earlier this week. The journalists say paramilitary men approached them saying “Occupants, away from Crimea” before taking their equipment. 

Source:, 4 News


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