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Video: Pamela McCarthy Tased by Police While Running Naked, High on Bath Salts

In Munnsville, New York, Pamela McCarthy reportedly was tased and killed by police while running naked and possibly high on bath salts, early Wednesday morning (video below).

McCarthy’s boyfriend, Jason Williams, said he was next door when he saw McCarthy tumble down a set of stairs while holding their child. At the bottom of the stairs, McCarthy landed on the child.

Police say McCarthy then began punching and choking her own son.

Neighbor Heather Ames said she tried to wrestle McCarthy off the child. Once the boy was taken from McCarthy by Williams, the deranged mom began taking off her clothes and threatening people.

One witness told 9WYSR-TV: "Then she went back around, she was still chasing people, just running back and forth around the street and she got a hold of one of her dogs and she was rolling around on the ground with her legs wrapped around it; she was strangling the dog."

One police officer attempted to cuff her, but she resisted. More officers tried using pepper spray to subdue her, but it had no effect, so they tased her. That’s when McCarthy went into cardiac arrest and later died at the hospital.

The child was taken to Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse and was treated for minor injuries before being released to family members.

McCarthy's boyfriend, Williams, says she had a history of drug abuse.

Lawmakers are trying to ban ingredients used to make bath salts, a synthetic drug that can be physically and mentally dangerous, reports the NY Daily News.


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