Video: Oh the Humanity, 6,810 Wine Bottles Come Crashing Down

It was every wino's and pretentious wine drinker's worst nightmare: Thousands of perfectly drinkable bottles of wine destroyed in a flash, a liquor store running red with the precious liquid. Fortunately, it was all caught on surveillance tape.

Earlier this month it seems that a 78-foot long shelf at Superior Discount Liquor in Sheboygan, Wisconsin came loose from a wall and collapsed, sending precisely 6,810 bottles of wine crashing to the floor.

The store was quickly flooded with booze.

The Daily Mail reports that workers were able to clean up the mess without even closing the store. The reason for the collapse? Not an earthquake, more like old age. The shelves were reportedly 31 years old. You could say they probably had one too many.

Check out the video:


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