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Video: Occupy Atlanta Protests to Save Police Officer's Home

Occupy Atlanta has repeatedly been evicted from Woodruff Park (in Atlanta) multiple times by police, but they are now working to save a police officer's home.

Last week, Tawanna Rorey’s husband, a police officer based in Gwinnett County, e-mailed Occupy Atlanta to explain that his home was going to be foreclosed on and his family was in danger of being evicted on Monday.

So within a few hours Occupy Atlanta moved to Snellville, Georgia to stop the foreclosure. At least two dozen protesters camped out on the family’s lawn, to the applause of neighbors and bystanders.

“It’s a good cause,” said Diona Murray, one of the Roreys’ neighbors, about the occupation. “If we don’t take a stand, who will?”

The Sheriff’s Department has not come to evict the Roreys yet. A spokesman for the department told theAtlanta Journal-Constitution that the foreclosure process is still ongoing and that it has not scheduled an eviction.


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