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Video: NRA President Wayne LaPierre Claims Obama and Media are Planning "Siege on the Second Amendment"

During halftime of Sunday night’s NFL football game, NBC sportscaster Bob Costas spoke about Saturday's murder-suicide carried out by Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher. Costas criticized the "gun culture" of America, but did not call for ending the Second Amendment.

In response, NRA President Wayne LaPierre appeared on Glenn Beck's TV show and stated: "The media in this country hates the Second Amendment rights of American citizens and they'll do anything to try and take that freedom away from average citizens."

LaPierre claimed the media will team up with the Obama Administration to carry out a "siege on the Second Amendment in this country like we've never seen before," reports

However, LaPierre never defined exactly who in the media he was talking about.

LaPierre has previously claimed that President Obama did not take away guns during his first term because he was secretly planning to take them away during his second term.


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