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Video: NRA President David Keene Says "No Evidence that Terrorists Buy Guns"

Appearing on CNN this afternoon, NRA President David Keene dismissed the idea that terrorists buy guns (video below), reports

CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked Keene: “Why let somebody buy a gun who potentially is a terrorist?”

Keene replied:  “First of all, there’s no evidence that terrorists buy guns.”

Keene went on to say that it is difficult to institute background checks at gun shows and especially with private sales: “What if you and I are neighbors and you bought a new shotgun and you say, ‘Dave, I don’t want the old one anymore, do you want it?’ And I say ‘sure, I’ll buy it.’ How do you enforce that? How do you do it?”

When Blitzer said that the new owner would be legally required to register a car that he buys from a friend, Keene said: “Your right to a car is not guaranteed by an amendment to the constitution.”


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