Video: NRA Accused of Protecting the Rights of Mass Murderers

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On Tuesday night’s 'The Last Word,' MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell devoted his 'Rewrite' segment to Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association, who Lawrence called a “blood-drenched lobbyist" and to the NRA, whom he called “defenders of movie theater mass murderers’ right to use 100-round ammunition clips on their assault rifles” (video below).

O’Donnell mocked LaPierre's claims that Americans freedoms are being threatened by existing gun laws, by listing freedoms that have been taken away at airports.

O’Donnell said: “This from a guy who obediently removing his shoes at airports to prove he’s not going to blow up an airplane, even though he can also prove to all those TSA agents that he is a United States Senator. The hundred-round clip is not about freedom.”

“Wayne LaPierre wants you to be stuck in your theater seats, while the mass murderer fires another 90 bullets at you. Wayne LaPierre thinks people like me who don’t think anyone should be able to buy hundred-round magazines are more dangerous than people who empty hundred-round magazines in crowded movie theaters."

"Wayne LaPierre scares people. I know he scares some of you with his relentless determination to make sure American mass murderers are the very best equipped mass murderers in the world, but he scares the simple-minded members of the NRA even more."

"He scares them into actually thinking and believing that someone is coming to take their freedom away. He needs them to believe that, soo he can continue to siphon $1 million off their dues money every year to stuff into his blood-drenched pockets.”

Wayne LaPierre’s $970,300 compensation makes him the 11th-highest paid charity executive in the country.


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