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Video: New York City Police Clash With Occupy Wall Street

Last night New York City police raided Zuccotti Park in Manhattan where Occupy Wall Street protesters have camped out for weeks (videos below). The raid turned violent at times with tear gas and physical altercations. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the police action was necessary to protect protesters,

Police reportedly came around at 1 a.m. and blocked off Zuccotti Park. They then ordered protesters to leave so the sanitation department could move in and clean the park. Protesters chanted “mic check” and “everyone stay calm” before the crackdown occurred.

Protesters locked arms in the park and chanted “shame on you” as police yelled “back the fuck up."

Video footage (below) appears to have been shot from inside the crowd as police closed in. It contains adult language.

Mayor Bloomberg said several hundred officers participated in the eviction and about 200 people were arrested.


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