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Video: New York City Hosts Turkey Eating World Championship

The Wild Turkey 81 Eating World Championship, run by Major League Eating, challenged seven people to eat as much turkey as they could in a 10-minute window at New York City's Times Square.

The contestants were given a full Thanksgiving turkey and the winner was determined by weighing the carcass of the turkey after the 10 minutes were up.

“It’s hard to prepare for turkey, it’s hard to do it fast,” said Pete “Pretty Boy” Davekos, who holds the world record for spinach eating. “I prepared by eating all vegetables. I cut out all meats, got my body craving turkey.”

Maria “Edible”, one of two women in the competition, said: “Turkey is the hardest food, it requires more chewing. And there’s no dipping like Nathan’s Hot Dog eating competition. I ate a lot of lettuce to prepare."

Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas (pictured above), who took home the first-ever all-female hot dog eating contest this past summer, eventually beat all competitors when the 10 minutes were up. She told ESPN’s Ken Derry that her strategy was to eat as much of the white meat as she could, then drink hot green tea to moisten the meat.

Thomas works as a manager at a Burger King.


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