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Video: New Mexico Police Officers Assault Suspect, Celebrate With Belly Bump

Two Albuquerque, New Mexico police officers, John Doyle and Robert Woolever, were fired Wednesday following the release of an unedited video (below) that showed them apparently doing a celebratory belly bump after one officer clearly kicked a suspect, who was subdued on the ground, several times (the beating begins at 45 second mark).

Albuquerque police gave the parking garage surveillance video (from February 13, 2011) to the Albuquerque Journal on Tuesday in response to a public records request from the newspaper.

The footage shows Woolever holding the suspect, Nicholas Blume, down while Doyle runs up and kicks Blume in the head repeatedly. Blume appears to go limp about midway through the kicking in the parking garage at the Barcelona Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

At the corner of the video, the officers, seen only from the waist down, do a belly bump to celebrate their assault on Blume.

Doyle wrote in his police report that he was worried that Blume was armed. Blume wasn't, although a stolen handgun was later found in the truck he was driving.

Blume was indicted in state District Court in March on charges of auto theft, receiving a stolen firearm, being a felon in possession of a firearm and resisting arrest. Those charges all stem from the February case, and Blume is facing additional charges in state and federal court that stem from other incidents.

Blume's attorney, Ray Twohig, has said his client could not speak with the detectives investigating the beating without a promise of immunity. Blume remained jailed without bond late Tuesday at the Metropolitan Detention Center.


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