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Video: New Attraction Allows You to Kill Osama bin laden for $325

Many Americans would have loved to have shot and killed Osama bin Laden. If you still have that bloodthirsty feeling in your stomach to kill the former leader of al Qeada, here's your chance.

In St. Paul, Minnesota, people can now enter a replica of bin Laden's Pakistani hideout  and be part of the raid that killed him for just $325, reports KTSP-TV.

Ex-Navy Seal Larry Yatch created the attraction, which provides each participant with a flak jacket and a paintball gun. Participants do some practice shooting and then they go after bin Laden in his secret compound.

Participants kick the door down, exchange fire with bin Laden, who always 'dies' at the end. If that's not enough to boost your self-esteem, you can even pose next to bin laden's 'dead' body.

Yatch told KSTP-TV: "The biggest thing we’re trying to accomplish is giving people a sense of empowerment."

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