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Video: Is NASA is Covering Up Evidence of an Alien Landing?

Is NASA covering up the discovery of aliens? According to one of the world’s foremost authorities on astronomy and extraterrestrial beings, a random dude on Youtube, yes – yes they are.

Youtube user rob19791 recently threw folks for a loop when he posted a clip of some mysterious-looking object hovering near the sun. That footage was apparently taken from a video that the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory originally streamed online. According to The Daily Mail, one day after video of that helicopter-looking thingamajig hovering near the sun initially aired, NASA opted to shut down the video feed.

Fortunately, thanks to rob19791, we still get to see the weird object for ourselves. Check it out:

Because of NASA’s decision to swiftly cut off the feed shortly after we caught a glimpse of that strange-looking thing, rob19791 jumped to the most reasonable, logical conclusion available:

“This is a cover up to prevent us from seeing these things again. NASA must have seen this video and started making plans to change the way you and I are allowed to view it,” he said.

He also offered these tidbits:

“I think this is proof that NASA are covering this up,” and

“NASA are clearly trying to stop us looking at the sun.”

Yup, clearly.

For what it’s worth, two other claims of alien spaceship sightings were put forth over the last several months. Both were swiftly debunked with relatively simple explanations.

That said, NASA has yet to offer up any clarification on the above video or why it was removed. Until they do, we should all defer to rob19791’s expertise.

(Kudos to Daily Mail)


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