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Video: Naomi McKinney, 6, Expelled From School for Toy Gun

Naomi McKinney, a kindergartner at Alice Drive Elementary in Sumter, South Carolina, has been expelled for bringing a toy gun to class (video below).

McKinney, 6, was expelled on January 7th when she brought her brother's toy gun to school for show-and-tell, reports WLTX-TV.

McKinney told WLTX-TV: "I chose to bring it to school because I thought I could show my friends it because they might like seeing it."

Her dad Hank McKinney added: "The school needed me down there that my daughter was fixing to be expelled. I got in the car and rushed down there and when I got in there the principal told me that she had a gun at school and she pulls it out and it is a little clear plastic gun.

"You have to show some kind of judgment. I know there is a lot going on with guns and schools and that is tragic but a six year old bringing a toy to school doesn't know better.

"I'm sorry anything can be a weapon. A pencil is more of a weapon than the toy gun she brought to school."

WLTX-TV asked the Sumter County School District for a picture or description of the gun, but the school would not release that information because it is part of the child's discipline record, which will follow the youngster for the rest of her life.

Instead of being in school, McKinney is now spending her time at her dad's furniture store.

The Sumter County School District weapon policy says the presence of weapons or look-a-like non-weapons is not allowed.

The Mckinneys tried to appeal to the discipline hearing panel, but received a letter stating that their child is not allowed on school property and will be subject to criminal charges if she's caught trespassing.


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