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Video: Nancy Lack, 80, Arrested for Tearing Down 'Pres. Obama as Hitler' Posters

Nancy Lack, 80, was arrested and charged after tearing down posters of President Obama with a Hitler mustache (video below).

Supporters of fringe presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche put up the posters outside of a post office in Hebron, Connecticut, reports NBC Connecticut.

Lack took down the posters and put them in her car while a worker for LaRouchePAC followed and reported her. Lack was arrested and faces sixth-degree larceny and breach of peace charges.

Lack told NBC Connecticut: "My generation went through the Second World War, and Nazism is about the worst there can be. I just got very angry that they would do that to Obama’s image. I guess I deserved it. I stole the posters."


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