Video: Naked Man, Nathaniel Koba, Interrupts TV Interview

KARK-TV was interviewing an Arkansas couple, Eva Halpain and her partner John Manassel, about a house destroyed by a fallen tree, when they were interrupted by a naked man.

No, it wasn't Prince Harry, but rather Nathaniel Koba, who walked out from the woods (video below).

At one point, Manassel exclaims: "What is this out here we got?" That's when Koba exposed himself on camera.

Later, John Manassel said: "I oughtta go out there and start an ass kicking contest."

A neighbor called the police to report Koba and was overheard saying: “I have a naked man standing out in the middle of the damn street with his privates in his hands just standing out there.”

Police say that Koba will be charged with indecent exposure and public drunkenness.


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