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Video: 'Mystery Monkey' of Tampa Bay Bites Elderly Woman

The so-called 'mystery monkey' of Tampa Bay has his own Facebook page and was featured on Comedy Central's Colbert Report, but the celebrity simian reportedly bit an elderly woman near the Boyd Hill Nature Park this week. 

The monkey allegedly jumped on her back and dug his teeth into her, reports 10 News. The woman has had rabies shots and medical care since the attack.

The elderly victim, who wished to remain anonymous, told 10 News: "I was in shock. He's been here about a year and a half, that we've known... but they're still wild animals. Lately he's gotten aggressive with male teenagers, male people. And the people in the neighborhood stay at a distance, but they don't realize at any given moment, he could flip."

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission issued a statement Tuesday night: "FWC's concern is for the woman who was bitten and the animal. In order to bring this to its best possible conclusion, we need the cooperation of everyone in staying away from the area so that we can do our job."

The elderly woman hopes the monkey will not be killed, but captured and put in a sanctuary. Officials believe the monkey was cast out of a colony in Silver Springs, near Ocala, Florida.


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