Video: Murderer Josh Powell’s Shocking Past: Suicide Attempt, Death Threats, Incestuous Porn

New details the dark past of Josh Powell, who killed his two sons in a horrific murder-suicide, are starting to emerge.

Powell's history included attempting suicide as a teenager, threatening to kill his mother with a butcher knife and murdering his sister’s hamster by smashing it against its cage.

In 2009, police found animated pornography of adults and kids having sex on is computer. That was the year Powell had been named as a person of interest in the disappearance of his wife in Utah.

Josh’s father-in-law Chuck Cox told the 'Today' show (video below): “I believe that he understood that there was no way he was going to bluff his way through this, not with the lie detector test on top of the examination, and that this was it. The truth was going to come out.”

The day before the murder-suicide, a security camera caught Powell withdrawing money from his bank and buying gas cans. He gave away his boys’ clothes and toys and dumped something secret at a landfill.

Social worker Elizabeth Griffin Hall told ABC News (video below) that Powell told seven-year-old son Charlie "I've got a big surprise for you" moments before the grisly murder-suicide.

Powell then slammed the door on Hall, who was outside the house, after he had the children inside. The house then went up in flames moments later.

Also, call logs show that nearly eight minutes elapsed between when Hall called 911 to report that Josh Powell's children were in danger and when sheriff's deputies were dispatched.

However, the priority of the dispatch was‘ 'routine’ instead of ‘emergency,’ which cost several minutes of response time. When the deputies arrived 14 minutes later, there was nothing they could do.

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