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Video: Mother of Penn State Rape Victim Speaks Out

This morning, 'Good Morning America' host George Stephanopoulos interviewed the mother of alleged Penn State rape “victim #1,” with her voice and image altered to protect her identity. The mother explained how her son came to reveal the sex abuse allegations.

Her son first met Jerry Sandusky when he was 11 years old. Shortly after, the son became very close to the former Defensive Coordinator, spending nights at his home and leaving school with Sandusky, despite the child’s mother not knowing of his absence.

When asked when she first suspected something was wrong with the relationship, the mother said that when her son started acting out, she went to his school counselors, only to be told that it was likely “a puberty thing.”

The mom also stated: "I called the school and expressed my concerns. I told them to pull my son down to the guidance office and talk to him. and they did. at that point, they called me and said it was very important that I get there immediately. at that point, i already had suspicions. I kind of knew what it was about."

According to Stephanopoulos, what saddens and angers the mom most is the number of people who seemed to know something was going on, but didn’t call police, including coach Joe Paterno.


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