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Man Videotapes Racist Mother's Profanity-Ridden Comments Towards Him as Her Children Watch Nearby (Video)

A Cheektowaga, New York man posted a video to YouTube yesterday showing a mother making shockingly racist remarks towards him right in front of her children.

Among other things, the mother calls him a “f*cking n*gger,” a “nasty f*cking n*gger,” and asks a man she is on the phone with to “come and f*cking kill him," adding that "he doesn't like black people either."

The mother herself says the whole ordeal began when the man started his car and the sound frightened her son. From there, the encounter somehow morphed into a situation where the man sits in his car filming as the woman hurls one racist insult after another at him. The woman theorizes at one point that the man is only filming because “he wants to act hard and put it on YouTube because he’s a racist, ignorant n*gger.”

Seconds later she calls him “a racist f*cking n*gger.”

Her children, mind you, can be seen standing nearby watching the entire ordeal. One of the most disturbing aspects of the video is how unfazed the children seem to be by the vitriol being spewed by their mother. It makes you wonder how many times before the children have witnessed similar behavior by their mother.

The man stays remarkably calm throughout the incident. At the end of the video, once the mother and her kids  have left, he says, “Racism is alive and well. I’ll tell you. Alive and well. Amazing. It’s absolutely amazing. This is where we live at. This is exactly where we live, and what goes on. I start my car, she calls me a n*gger. Amazing.”

Here’s the whole incident:

Source: reddit


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