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Video: Mother Forces Son To Fight Another Child

A video is making its way around the internet today showing a mother forcing her son to fight another child.

On the video, two boys who look to be about 10-12 years of age are seen with fists up preparing to fight. But rather than stopping the scuffle, the mother eggs it on. She is seen and heard on the video telling her son to hit the other child repeatedly. When the other boy knocks her son to the ground, the mother yells at her boy to get up and keep fighting back. The child is heard crying as the other boy repeatedly hits him.

The comment section on site showing the video reveal mixed reactions. Many shame the mother and accuse her of being a poor role model and parent. Others say that knowing how to defend one’s self is a necessary skill in low-income areas, and that the mother is choosing the school of hard knocks route to teach her child these skills. One way or another, the video is sure to illicit a strong reaction from viewers.

Here it is:


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