Video: Mother Fights Store Owner While Trying To Steal, Knocks Baby To Ground In Process


Dear America: Just how far would you go to get that perfect weave?

A Maryland mother will probably be settling into a cozy jail cell soon after she allegedly tried to steal over $800 worth of weaves from a Gaithersburg, Maryland store. As if attempting to rob almost $1,000 of merchandise from a store isn’t bad enough, our villain also seemingly tried to pull off the feat -- which included kicking and punching the store owner -- while pushing her baby in a stroller.

The weave jacker has been identified as 19 year old Yvonne Williams. She is first seen on surveillance video brazenly trying to grab the shop owner’s cell phone right out of her hands. The owner, who is no more than half of Williams’ size, managed to hold on to her phone.

Williams then turned her attention to the store’s merchandise. After allegedly nabbing approximately $800 in weaves, she tries to leave the store. But, as video shows, the store owner wasn’t backing down from the challenge of stopping Williams. The owner repeatedly gets back up after repeatedly being punched and kicked to the ground by Williams. At one point the struggle between the two gets so intense that Williams’ baby is knocked out of the stroller and falls to the ground. An accomplice of Williams is seen picking up the child and leaving the store.

Though Williams looks to get away with her heist on video, her victory was short lived. She was identified and tracked down by Gaithersburg, Maryland police and charged with attempted robbery. WTOP reports that Williams pleaded guilty to the charge.

Here is the entire event caught on tape:

Sources: WTOP, YouTube


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