Video: Mitch Faber Jailed For Failing to Put Siding on His Home

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In Burnsville, Minnesota, Mitch Faber was arrested and thrown in jail without bond, and then subjected to electronic home monitoring, all because of his failure to properly put up siding on his house (video below).

In 2007, Faber and his wife Jean received a letter from the city saying "you must complete the siding of your home."

In 2009 there were two more warning letters, and in 2010 another, this time requiring Faber to appear in court. The cash poor Faber was told to finish the siding or go to jail.

He spent about $12,000 putting a stucco façade over the plywood exterior. He and his wife thought they were finally in compliance.

But Faber was taken into custody in November 2011 after Burnsville inspectors ruled the work was still not up to par. A warrant for his arrest was issued when Faber failed to turn himself in because the house was still not up to code.

After two days of jail, a judge agreed Faber should be released, but required him to submit to electronic home monitoring.

Burnsville city leaders refused to give interviews to the media, but Communications Coordinator Marty Doll wrote in an email: "The city feels it provided Mr. Faber ample opportunity (nearly four years) to remedy the situation before issuing a citation…the city’s practice is to only issue citations for property maintenance issues (such as this one) as a last resort."

"In this case, the city determined a citation was the next appropriate course of action. Once the citation was issued, the matter had essentially left the city’s hands and entered the hands of the court system."


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