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Video: Minority Students at University of Texas Hit with 'Bleach Bombs'

African-American, Hispanic and Asian students at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas,  have been hit with balloons full of bleach, which are dropped from dorms above campus sidewalks.

Many people are calling the bleach bombing a "hate crime," while others say it's just a typical college prank, reports KVUE-TV (video below).

In response to the bleach bombs, students held a protest on campus earlier this week.

African-American student Jaysen Runnels told KVUE-TV: "A bleach bomb fell and hit me, my roommate, well, almost hit us. It barely missed us. It’s very frustrating to know that it’s 2012 and that stuff like this still happens.”

Student Pete Desai said: “I see it from my balcony. I think it is just who ever happens to walk by at the time.”

Austin Police Department Officer Steve McCormick told KVUE-TV that the attacks were being investigated, but may not be hate crimes: "It can be difficult to prove because it is motivation. Motivation can be very subjective.”


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