Video: Millionaire Michael Marin Kills Self After Guilty Verdict is Read in Court

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Millionaire Michael Marin shocked a courtroom when he killed himself following a guilty verdict of arson in Phoenix, Arizona on June 28.

After the verdict was read, the 53 -year-old Yale graduate dropped his face into his hands, swallowed something and washed in down with a water bottle, reports CNN.

He then went into convulsions and dropped to the floor (video below).

Marin's family received a delayed email the next day, leading them to his vehicle that contained a canister labeled 'cyanide,' which officials suspect he used to take his own life. 

The e-mail also contained instructions about Marin's will, in case his trial went poorly.

Marin reportedly burned down his $3.5 million mansion on July 5, 2009, because he could no longer afford the mortgage.

After ingesting the substance in court, Marin was taken to a local hospital and died. He faced up to 21 years in jail.

Cari Gerchick, communications director for Maricopa County, said the medical examiner's office is still determining Marin's cause of death.


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