Video: Michael David Turley Arrested for Filming 'Fake Terrorist' to Expose Slow Police Response Time

Michael David Turley, a Phoenix, Arizona amateur filmmaker, was arrested after filming his 16-year-old nephew walking around an intersection dressed as a terrorist with a fake rocket launcher.

Apparently, Turley was testing police response times and capturing it on video. Police were flooded with 911 calls and say they responded one minute after they first received reports.

However, the video, entitled 'Dark Knight Shooting Response, Rocket Launcher Police Test' shows the fake terrorist walking around the busy intersection for 15 minutes.

Police made no arrests on the day, after Turley claimed to be making a movie. However, police became aware of the video's true purpose, weeks later. when it was uploaded to YouTube, causing embarrassment to the police force.

Phoenix Police Department spokesman James Holmes told ABC News: "We reviewed it and at that point we realized they were intentionally endangering the public to prove a point."

However, Holmes did not specifically say how the public was endangered.

On September 5th, Turley wrote on his Facebook page that he made the video and was arrested soon after. Turley now faces charges of knowingly giving a false impression of a terrorist act, endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.


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