Video: Mexican Tourist Attraction 'La Caminata' Offers Illegal Border-Crossing Experience

People are paying $18 to go through La Caminata ['The Hike'] a simulated illegal immigration crossing to get a taste of what it is like for undocumented immigrants who cross into the U.S., reports the NY Daily News.

This 'tourist attraction' is in Alberto, Mexico, about 700 miles from the U.S. border.

A man named 'Poncho,' who plays a guide, told documentary filmmaker Jamie Meltzer: “What we try to do here is raise consciousness about the suffering of the migrant. When we started the Caminata, 90 percent of our community was migrating. There were only about 10 percent living here. Now, however, we have about 35 percent living here.”

Other people play border patrol agents in the simulation, which employs about 100 Alberto citizens.

Another guide, Julian Garcia, told the HuffingtonPost.com that the intention is to discourage illegal immigration: "Some people think we are training people. If we were training them, we'd make it much harder!"

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