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Video: Men Were Fishing in Kayaks When They Spotted a 13-Foot Shark Trailing Them

Two friends were kayaking off the coast of Florida when one of them caught glimpse of a chilling sight in the water.

A 13-foot hammerhead shark was trailing them.

Mark Naumovitz and Brian Nelli were fishing out of their kayaks near Palm Springs when Nelli spotted the shark.

The two men dropped a camera into the water to record the shark.

Nelli and Naumovitz said the shark trailed them for two miles, circling them about 30 times and even bumping their kayaks at times.

The Blaze reports that the pair had caught a 16-pound Mahi earlier in the day; the shark could have been trialing them because it smelled the fish.

Naumovitz said that it’s “not really a huge thing to see sharks.”

“But when you have a dorsal fin trailing you like its Jaws, it’s a different story,” he added.

“It freaked me out a little,” Nelli said. “I was reminding myself there was a shark in the water and not to fall out.”

Sources: The Blaze, Sun-Sentinel / Photo Cred: The Blaze, WN


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