Video: Marion Hedges Blinded By Teens, Forgives Them

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Marion Hedges, a New York mom who suffered a brain injury and lost the use of her left eye after two teenagers dropped a shopping cart on her (from 50 feet up), told ABC News that she forgives the boys (video below).

Hedges says that she is more concerned for her own teenage son, who witnessed the accident last October. She was briefly in a coma and now needs daily physical therapy.

Hedges said: "I wish them well, I do. I feel very sorry for them. My son is 13 also, and he is a very good boy."

Hedges is a philanthropist who works with an organization that gives to women and children. That fateful day at the shopping center, she was buying Halloween candy for under-privileged children.

In the video footage of the incident, another teen, 14-year old Achilles Baskin, can be seen trying to stop the other two from tossing the cart over the railing, and then is seen running off to find help.

Achilles later turned his friends in, and they pleaded guilty. One boy is serving six to 18 months in a non-secure facility in Westchester, while the other is doing six to 16 months in a therapeutic group home.

Hedges is fortunate that she didn't suffer more serious brain injuries.  For more news on the brain, please go to

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