Video: Marie Shafique uses Ten-Year-Old Son in Attempted Burglary

Marie Shafique was arrested this week after police said she used her 10-year-old son in an attempted burglary in Lynnwood, Washington, reports KOMO-TV (video below).

What Shafique didn't know was that neighbors were watching and a security camera caught the incident on tape.

Marie Shafique’s burglary attempt failed when the homeowner, Michelle Geronimo, saw Shafique’s son looking in through a window: "The screen was off, the window was wide open and he was peering inside. I was just shocked that it was a little boy, and when you figure out what's going on it's sad."

After Geronimo saw the little boy, he and his mother fled.

Lynnwood police soon caught up with Shafique and found a stolen computer and crack cocaine in a one bedroom hotel room where she was living with her four children and four dogs.

Shafique is now in jail facing burglary and identity theft charges. Her bail was set at $25,000. Shafique’s children have since been placed in the custody of their father.


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