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Video: Man Releases Mouse, Hawk Grabs It Seconds Later

An unidentified man recently captured a mouse in a trash can and set it free outside, after the rodent was found in his home.

However, seconds after the mouse was set free from the trash can, he was snatched up by a hawk.

The video (below) of this event was posted on with the title 'Guy at My School Attempting to Release a Mouse into the Wild' and went viral.

In the video, the man lets the mouse free and says: "Come on little buddy... good luck.”

The man then tells his friend, who is shooting the video: “I feel relieved that he’s not going to wake me up in my bed anymore, crawling on my leg. But sad, you know, I just got to know him. And, uh … oh no. Oh nooo! Nooo! Are you kidding me? He didn’t last five minutes. I’m a terrible person. Oh, my gosh, let’s get out of here.”

It's possible that the video could have been faked by someone with an enormous amount of free time on their hands and some expensive compter equipment, but this video appears to be real.


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