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Video: Man Crashes Stolen Semi-Truck into Adult Store, Steals Expensive Sex Toy

In Brownhelm Township, Ohio, police are looking for a man who allegedly stole a semi-truck and crashed into the Adult Mart sex store to steal an $800 sex toy, which is described as a "life-like masturbator with female genitalia, including legs and buttocks."

Police say the man ditched the anatomically correct sex toy somewhere during the course of the crime. Officers found the semi-truck with the man still in it, about a quarter a mile from where he stole it, but the sex toy was not in the cab.

(Photo and Video by Fox 8 News)

Once the suspect saw the cops, he jumped out of the truck and ran down some nearby railroad tracks and escaped. Authorities say the man stole the red truck from the J.T. Container Company on Woodford Ave. in Elyria, Ohio.


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