Video: Man Catches Bike Thief who Tried to Sell Bike on


A man from Portland, Oregon recently had his bicycle stolen, but then found it was up for sale on

Using the alias 'Simon Jackson,' the victim (pictured left) contacted the bike thief and arranged to meet him in Seattle, reports the Daily Mail.

The victim made a video (below) of the encounter and posted it on YouTube.

Outside a coffee shop, the victim says to the thief: "So here's the deal, I live in Portland and you stole my bicycle. This is my bicycle."

The thief (pictured below) answers: "All right. I don't know what you want me to say."

The victim wants the thief to apologize, but all he says is: "I bought this bike off of Craigslist, I live in Seattle."

The thief turns away and accidentally runs towards the victim's friend who is recording the incident on video. The victim's friend says: "You're under citizen's arrest, stop right now!"

Finally, the Seattle Police arrive and arrest the thief, 45 minutes after they were called by the victim. (WARNING: Adult Language.)

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