Video: Man Builds Full-Scale Noah's Ark


Did you see the movie "Evan Almighty?" If not, you didn't miss anything -- it was certified "rotten" on Rotten Tomatoes, with just 23% positive reviews. The movie featured a man building a replica of Noah's Ark after having a dream about a great flood.

Well, life is imitating art near Amsterdam, where a man named Johan Huibers had a similar dream three years ago and decided to build an ark.

But this is no scale model -- it is built to biblical proportions, literally. Huibers said he got the size and shape directly from the Bible. It is four stories high and the length of a football field.

Barring a flood, Huibers plans to sail the great ship up the Thames River during the London Olympics next year.

"The Today Show" has more:


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