Video: Man Is Brutally Beaten, Robbed While Walking Home


New surveillance footage released by West Midlands County, England police shows a man being brutally attacked and robbed.

The victim of the robbery is 51-years-old. The man wishes to remain anonymous. On film, he is seen walking home late at night on December 15th.  As he is walking, a ceramic plate hits him in the arm and crashes to the ground. The man turns around to see who threw the plate before continuing to walk.

Seconds later, another attacker rushes up to him and punches his head. The victim is knocked unconscious and immediatley falls to the ground. The attackers proceed to senselessly kick and beat him before rummaging through his pockets. They then leave him knocked out in the road.

Several cars pass by the man before a worried witness pulls over and calls police. The victim was taken to the hospital and required many stiches for the wounds suffered during the attack.

The victim released a statement through the West Midlands Police Department asking for all witnesses to tell police everything they know about the attackers.

"I urge you to come forward and furnish the police with information which could assist and lead to the conviction and imprisonment of these perpetrators and cowards,” he said. "This community will not tolerate or accept crimes such as the one inflicted on myself and people should be safeguarded from these thugs."

Speaking directly to his attackers, the man said “The community abhors your crimes and looks forward to you being caught, convicted and removed from our streets."

Here is the shocking footage of the attack:

Sources: West Midlands Police, YouTube


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